St Kilda Festival 2014

February 9th 2014
Art vs Science

St Kilda Festival 2014
From 40 degress to 20 degress within a few hours, it was a massive day on all fronts

Yet another brilliant St Kilda Festival day in 2014. It is a massive day, for the statistically-oriented, by the time we started at 8am it was 32 degrees, by midday - 40 degrees, 5pm - 25 degrees, and when we drove home at 11.30pm - 19 degrees. The next hottest previous festival day was 28 degrees. My pedometer read 31,706 steps for the day covering 24.12 kilometres. Almost 5000 images captured over 4 cameras with 7 lenses during 15 hours, this means a shot approximately every 10 seconds.  This festival is an amazing community day with bands to suit all tastes in music. If you haven't been, you're missing out.


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