Season of Excellence 2014 Top Designs

March 21st 2014
Top Designs

Matt Irwin features at Melbourne Museum as inspiration for VCE graduates. An exhibition being held tonight will be showcasing the outstanding work of VCE Media, Product Design and Technology, Food and Technology, Systems Engineering, Visual Communication Design and VET Interactive Digital Media (wo that was a mouthful).

Here's what he said when asked a bunch of questions:

Q.       What attracted you to photography?

A.        The camera frame - In the palm of your hand the opportunity for in the moment editing of the world around you, that moment, that vision, you may never see again, thus immortalised.


Q.       How do you sustain it?

A.        Passion is essential, love it, fine tune your craft, know the technical & creative limits, exceed them. Impress yourself, most importantly be original, as it will bring the greatest pride & enrichment.


Q.       What else?

A.        Photograph subjects that send a shiver down your spine. It might be sport, animals, people, architecture and more. If you love where you are, who you are with, it will inspire you to excellence.


Q.       Making a career?

A.       Be the best, push until you think you are. Don’t give up, find something new to say, invest. It’s not about the equipment, it’s about vision, integrity, understanding the subject and your voice. Be you.



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