Melbourne, A Love Affair - Book Launch

September 4th 2012
Melbourne, A Love Affair

Matt Irwin launches his first book - Melbourne coffee tables rejoice!

24 years in the making, Matt Irwin releases his first coffee table book celebrating Matt's love of Australia's most livable city. Melbourne, A Love Affair is a journey through a generation of a city with Matt Irwin's creative talent documenting its true spirit. Alongside other Melburnians at the lush Hotel Intercontinental, Matt proudly celebrated his generation of work with Melbourne's Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and the Academy Award winner, Adam Elliot, icons such as Derryn Hinch and Molly Meldrum and thespian folks from where else but Ramsey Street!

It was a proud moment for all Melburnians; to quote Adam Elliot (quoting Barry Humphries), "I'm not an Australian, I'm a Melburnian". We agree, there is something unique and special about Melbourne and this has been wonderfully captured by Matt Irwin.

Celebrate your 'Melbourne-ness' by picking up this incredible book available at good book stores and from

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