Matt Chat - Green Machine

May 28th 2011
Free energy from the sky

Solar energy is amazing. On a sunny day, the panels on our roof generate enough energy to power 15 hundred watt bulbs for 10 hours!

So many companies now gush about how ‘green’ they are that it seems like the latest trend. Whatever the reason, we need to keep this happening. We need to keep asking questions and pressuring the people we buy from to stay on the path towards sustainability.

Last month’s Sustainable Living Festival was absolutely inspiring with everything you need to know about respecting this humble little planet we live on from eating for your health and the health of the environment to mindful travel ideas. We can’t wait for next year's SLF!

For more infomation on what you can do, check out or just keep on googling – there is tonnes of info out there to help you!


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