Matt Caught Out

February 22nd 2014
shooting the breeze

Night out at White Night. A half a million people packed the streets of Melbourne for this annual festival of light, sound and art. 

White Night Melbourne is a State Government of Victoria initiative created by the Victorian Major Events Company. What a massive event it is. On the night I took 3 cameras with me, in order to capture what I thought I would be confronted with.  And with these 3 bodies I had 3 lenses. 24mm, 55mm and 85mm. I decided to travel light as bags and lens changes can be difficult in massive crowds, and this was the case.  At times I wish I had brought my 14mm - 24mm for some of the amazing vistas that could only be captured that way, but most of the time it was not a problem.  White Nights is a massive event. And unless you can do the full 12 hours its hard to see it all getting through those crowds. I recently read in the paper they are thinking of holding it over 2 nights. That could be a great solution to making the streets less congested.


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