Hasselblad The Medium medium

February 1st 2016
Medium Medium

Back in 1995 I purchased my first medium format camera, the majestic RB67 from Mamiya. This camera increased the image plane area more than 4 times, and coupled with the magnificent enormous lenses it produced immaculate images for the days of film.  I loved it. Yet it was heavy and expensive to use with only 12 images per roll of film.  In the end I used it less for my street scape photography and more my commercial work and greeting card creations. Zip forward 21 years, and in a way the state of affairs have gone full circle.  With the introduction of the Hasselblad 60 megapixel Medium format camera to my bag of tricks I am extremely excited by the new outcomes.  Yes the larger image plane does. With the larger optics (lens) the camera and its larger image plane allow for better separation between objects.  This is why depth of field is exaggerated even more with medium format.  I look forward to sharing more images.


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