February 18th 2016
Everybody's Wedding is Amazing

Weddings are a magic place. A sacred place. When being entrusted to capture what it all really means it is important to take the time to know, to understand, to immerse yourself. Then on the day you can't help getting emotionally involved. It is truly a once in a life time event for the majority of people. Years go into the making of this perfect day. In 2016 I capture a wedding two or three times a year.  This allows me to never loose sight of the individual meaning. I like knowing the people I am capturing for, as the moments that come and go so fleetingly are best anticipated. This is far more than the ceremony, far more than the speeches, it is the sparkle in the eye, the wit of the Bestwoman. Grandma dancing with the Groom.  All this and more is what excites me about the magic of this day.


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